You Could Be Owed An Average £500 Per Year In Over Paid Tax!


Under the HMRC guidlines, certain work related expenses that your employer has not reimbursed may be tax deductible.


If you have paid for any work related expenses over the past FOUR years, you may be entitled to claim back any overpaid tax.


It takes less than 10 minutes

to see if you are entitled to

make a claim.

Do You Work Extra Shifts That Are Taxed At 40%?


If So, You May Be Entitled To A Tax Rebate


If you have worked extra shifts (bank shifts) which has been classed as a second job and taxed at 40%, there is a good chance you have overpaid on your tax.


By providing us with the relevant information, we can determine whether you have overpaid on your tax and are due a tax rebate.


In line with HMRC rules, you are allowed to claim back any overpaid tax for the last four years.


For Professionals Starting Locum Work.


Have You Considered Becoming A Limited Company?


This Could Save You £000's In Tax


By setting up as a Limited Company, you are able to claim back legitimate work related expenses which will reduce your tax bill.


Tax is charged at a standard rate of 20%



Nurses Rebate, Doctors Rebate

Work in a uniform?

Even if you aren't in the healthcare profession, if you work in a uniform you to may have overpaid on your tax and may be entitled to a tax rebate.