Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tax refund?

A tax refund is a repayment of tax that you have overpaid during a tax year as determined by HM Revenue & Customs.


Who can make a tax refund claim?

Anyone who has lived and worked in the UK may be eligible to claim for a tax refund.


Why should I claim?

Professionals are entitled to reclaim the tax overpaid on their union and professional fees over the past four years, and potentially on specialist clothing allowance and flat rate expenses for laundry.



Why haven't I heard of this before?

Many people simply don't claim refunds that are fairly due, because they don't know they can or how to do it.

When can I claim my tax back?

You are able to claim after the end of any tax year (5th Apri) if you are still working in the UK. You can claim for any previous tax years at any time during the tax year.




How many years can I claim tax back for?

You can make tax refund claims for the past 4 years.



How do I make a claim?

Simply contact us to arrange a FREE consultation so we can identify whether you will be entitled to a tax refund.


If you are entitled to claim, we will then register you with HMRC to complete a Self-Assessment. This is so that we can control and monitor every step of your claim on your behalf.


We will also provide you with an expense form to be completed by yourselves and returned to us on a monthly basis. Once received we will calculate how much tax you were liable to pay and set it off against the amount of tax actually paid to identify the tax refund you are liable to receive.



How long will it take to get my refund?

For the first year, once we have recieved your paperwork and set yourselves up to complete a Self-Assessment, you should receive your refunds within 6 - 8 weeks.


Any claims made for following tax years would take approximately 14 - 20 working days after the claim has been submitted.



How can I track the progress of my claim?

At each stage of the process we will let you know how your claim is progressing, usually via email or telephone call.


How much do you charge?

​We charge 25% of the value of your rebate (inclusive of vat and £10 admin fee) up to a MAXIMUM of £99 for each year submitted.


Only once you have recieved your rebate will we invoice you.


If you don't receive a rebate we don't charge you a penny. You really have nothing to lose, so give one of our experianced tax advisors a call on 01438 313111 and start your claim today.