How It Works

Step One


Contact one of our tax specialists to discuss situation. We will request that you send us copies of the relevant P60's along with a breakdown of your work related expenses. (See our 'Claiming Expenses page for more information.



Step Two


One of our tax specialists will go through your paperwork to identify as to whether or not you would be entitled to make a claim.



Step Three


If you are entitled to make a claim, with your permission, we will register yourself with H M Revenue & Customs to submit a tax return. This will not only allow us to make the claim on your behalf, but will also allow us to track the status of your claim throughout the process, and will speed up the process for claims made in the future.

Step Four


Once registered with H M Revenue & Customs, you should receive a 10 digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number in the post. Once received we ask that you forward this number on to us so that we can continue to process your claim.


Step Five


Once we have received your 10 digit Unique Tax Reference, we will proceed with the submission of your claim.



Step Six


Dependant on how busy H M Revenue & Customs are, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your rebate. Once we have received your rebate, we will contact you to inform you that your rebate has been received and to gather the relevant information so that we can transfer the repayment to yourselves. (Please note that the repayment you receive is your rebate amount less our fees.


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Our Fees



We charge 25% of the value of your rebate (inclusive of vat & £10 admin fee) up to a MAXIMUM of £99 for each year submitted.


Only once you have received your rebate will you be invoiced.


All cosultations and advice are FREE of charge.






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