Claiming Expenses

You Could Be Owed An Average £500 Per Year In Over Paid Tax!


Under the HMRC guidlines, certain work related expenses that your employer has not reimbursed may be tax deductible.


If you have paid for any work related expenses over the past FOUR years, you may be entitled to claim back any overpaid tax.


Allowable Expenses Include:




You can only claim travel expenses on travelling to a temporary work place and travel as part of your work.



Hotel and Meal Expenses


A subsistence allowance can be claimed for days worked at a temporary workplace or whilst on training.



Other Allowable Expenses


  • Telephone

  • Cleaning

  • Study Materials

  • Use of Home

  • Membership Fees

  • Training Expenses

  • Uniform

  • Accountancy

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It takes less than 10 minutes to see if you are entitled to make a claim.