Second Job/Bank Shifts

Example: Tax Year 2012/13


Tax Actually Paid



            Job 1                                 Job 2                                              Total Pay


                           £                                          £                                                        £


Gross            30,000           Gross           10,000                              Gross       40,000

Tax (20%)           4,380          Tax (40%)         4,000                              Tax              8,380




Tax Actually Paid £8,380




Tax You Should Have Paid                                      Tax Rebate Due


                                                   £                                                                              £


Gross                                    40,000                             Tax Actually Due              6,379

Personal Allowance           -  8,105                             Tax Paid                           8,380

Taxable Income                   31,895


Tax                                          6,379                              Refund Due              2,001

How It Works

Have you worked extra shifts taxed at 40%?

If so there is a good chance that you have overpaid on your tax. Most healthcare workers do extra shifts which can be classed as a second job and is taxed at 40%. Unfortunately most healthcare workers don't realise that the are paying too much tax.


How can we help?

By poviding us with your income and tax paid for the relevant tax year, we are able to identify whether or not you have paid to much tax, and whether you are liable to receive a rebate.


I think I may have overpaid tax in previous years

In line with HM Revenue & Customs guidelines, you are allowed to make claims for the last four tax years. So even if you don't think you are eligible for this tax period (2012/13), you still may be eligible to claim for overpaid tax in previous tax years.

Have You Overpaid?

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Paid Correct Amount of Tax?

It Is Still Possible

You Are Entitled To A Tax Rebate


Even though you may have paid the correct amount of tax on you earnings, you still may be due a rebate as you are entitled to claim back certain allowable expenses.


By claiming back expenses, you are able to decrease the amount of taxable income, therefore meaning you may have overpaid your tax, and still may be entitled to a rebate.



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