Healthcare Workers

Our Promise


At My Uniform Rebate, we understand the stress and the strains healthcare workers go through on a daily basis.


Therefore at My Uniform Rebate we aim to offer:


A fully professional service at all times


A prompt and polite response to your enquiries



A realistic but reasonable fee charging system


Advice in all areas regarding both your business and personal finances


A clear explanation of all proceedings that we deal with on your behalf


Alleviating the stress by dealing with HMRC on your behalf


Above all we believe that your time is your money so we aim to provide a personal and professional service at all times, with no hidden costs.



FREE Consultations And Advice At All Times

Second Job


If you undertake extra shifts which are classed as a second job and taxed at 40%, it is more than likely you have overpaid on tax.


Locum Work


Whether you currently are involved in locum work or are thinking of doing so in the future, have you considered becoming a Limited Company.


By becoming a Limited Company, you could potentially save £000's in tax.

Claiming Expenses


Under HM Revenue & Customs guidelines, certain work related expenses that your employer hasn't reimbursed may be tax deductible.


If you have paid for any work related expenses in the past four years, you may be entitled to claim back any over paid tax.